zaterdag 17 november 2012

Refugees in action together in Den Haag - Mayor wants to evict camp Osdorp

Earlier demonstration in Amsterdam
Today we went to demonstrate in Den Haag with our brothers to leave a message for the government of Holland. We are refugees, we're not criminals. We want our human rights. We suffer in the cold. The people of Holland always help us, but the same can not be said for the government. They refuse to find a solution. 

It was a good demonstration. The Den Haag camp had invited us. We managed again to make really clear to the public what our problems are. We walked for one and a half hour through the centre of Den Haag, past the government palace, shopping areas and houses. People looked outside their houses. Sometimes people walked along to show their support. We will continue with demonstrations untill we get a good solution from the government.

Yesterdag the mayor Van der Laan said to us that we have to leave our camp on 23th of november. Because he wants to protect us from the cold. He wants to protect our health. He wants to protect us from the extremists who locked us in our camp. And in order to protect us he wants to put us in a shelter for 1 month. How lovely. In the mean time we cannot raise our voice. But after that he will put us on the street again. Same as we do now, but we will be seperated. So then he does not help us: he only wants to hide the problem.

The problem is caused by our status. We cannot stay, but we also can not go. Any solution would have to deal with this. So the government needs to look again at our dossiers. They need to be opened. In the mean time we need security. Anything else but this is a fake solution.

We don't want to live in the street, in a AZC or in a prison. We want to build a normal life like everyone else. This is our human right. Please give us our human right.

If you want, you can call us.
el mouthena :0685602714
younes :0685270643
mustafa :0684566733
bayisa : 0684482895
mamadou : 0684997713

Check out the letter from the Mayor. It's quite a lot of text, but at the end he comes to his decision

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Also look at this video: 4 refugees on the coming eviction 

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