maandag 12 november 2012

New blog from Osdorp refugees!

Hi everyone,

From tomorrow, we, five representatives of the refugees from the camp Osdorp will start writing about our struggles, but also about what we need. So that all the people who want to help know how. But also about the actions we are going to do. We're thinking about the next step after the great demonstration last saturday. Make sure to stay in touch with this blog!

To start off, here's a text we distributed at the demonstration. It explains why we are here.

We are here because our life is in danger. There are four reasons for this. War is the most imprtant one. There are for example multiple civil wars in Africa. The second is political violence and oppression. Then there's religious division. Finally there are in all our countries problems betweeen tribes. All these cuases are related, they're mixed together. We can see this in the extremist movements. They make life impossible for you if you do not conform to strict rules. Having a drink can cost you your life. Being a member of another tribe, or of another religion, can bring you into deep trouble. So we are here bcause we face persecution and danger in our countries. We need to be in the Netherlands because this country is a free country where our lifes are safe and we could build a future.
We want your help. We want to get out of this situation. We want your help, not just with food and drinks, but with the broader issues. Help us with publicity, be creative: think about how you could help. Whether you're politically active, or a journalist, everyone can help in their own way. We have 5 representatives you can talk to, to explain our situation.

If you want, you can call us.
el mouthena :0685602714
younes :0685270643
mustafa :0684566733
bayisa : 0684482895
mamadou : 0684997713

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, great initiative. Thanks for inviting us. I'll be there and will bring more friends:) Diana

  2. You are NOT refugees! You were denied a permanent visa by a court of law! And believe me, our Dutch justice system is extremely socialist, and still you did NOT get a permanent visa. That means something. It means you will have to leave this country no matter what. Stop wasting our time. Go away!

  3. Every day I pray for you all!
    Please dont listen to all the negative words they speak about you.
    I hope there will be beter days and some day youre live will change!
    Dont give up your HOPE!

  4. If the government gives you permanent visa, then more fortune-hunters will come to our country.
    Please cooperate with the government and return to your homeland.