dinsdag 20 november 2012

Osdorp refugees in hungerstrike demand a solution NOW

For months we have patiently asked for a solution to our situation. For months people of Holland have supported us. In the camp, the demonstration and in the media. The only thing that the government offers us is putting us away in a AZC for one month, and then put us on the street if we do not accept deportation. This is not acceptable. Our lifes are in danger in our own countries. The majority of us have gone on hunger strike. Going on hunger strike in the winter, in a tent camp, with many people allready sick, is dangerous for our lives. We hope that the government finally understands our desperation and our cry for help.

Open our files - believe our true stories.
Give us access to healthcare and education.
Security from random arrests.
Give us a residency permit.

If you want, give us a call
El mouthena :0685602714
Younes :0685270643
Mustafa :0684566733
Bayisa : 0684482895
Mamadou : 0684997713

Al maanden vragen we geduldig om een oplossing voor onze situatie. Al maanden steunen de Nederlanders ons. In het kamp, de demonstratie en in de media. Het enige dat de overheid ons biedt, is ons wegstoppen in een AZC voor één maand, om ons vervolgens op weer op straat te gooien als we deportatie niet accepteren. Dit is onacceptabel. Onze levens lopen gevaar in onze eigen landen. De meerderheid van ons is in hongerstaking gegaan. In hongerstaking gaan, in de winter, in een tentenkamp, met al veel mensen ziek, is levensgevaarlijk. We hopen dat de regering eindelijk onze wanhoop begrijpt en onze roep om hulp.

Open onze dossiers - geloof onze oprechte verhalen
Geef ons toegang tot zorg en onderwijs
Arresteer ons niet meer willekeurig
Geef ons een verblijfsvergunning

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  1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  2. Don8ed...hang in there guys!

    En Dumbo je doet je naam eer aan, lul.

  3. Could you give some information on the countries these refugees come from? Because right now the story is so vague... Most people don't know whether to support you or disagree with you, because we do not know whether or not it is unreasonable that the Dutch government decided not to give you visas.

    By the way: Don't listen to Dumbo, he's obviously an ass.

  4. Anouk, i agree, if you only listen to the news, and the newspaper, its always vague and the same story. The things that matter the most, the most crucial information WHY most of all of the people can NOT go back is never told. Uitgeprocedeerd they all shout... but on what grounds nobody tells you.
    Even if they would want to leave, they can NOT because the governments of their own country refuses to cooperate. If you know whats happening there, one can understand. So.,. these people have to leave NL. But they Can NOT. They hgave to stay here, because its with the NL fingerprint NOT allowed to go elsewhere then Nl. So, its like saying yes and no at the same time. You exist but you cannot exist. Not here in NL, not in your own country and Not in another country. That is INhuman and simply impossible. Most of them are from Somalie, Ethiopia, Eritrea but also some of o.a. Guinee.
    by the way. severe criminals who live here, from Antillen and Marocco etc have to leave NL after 2000 crimes. But.. they are still here.. Maroc etc does not take them back either. And then we are not talking of hundreds no, more thousands and thousands.
    I would say. lets get rid of the severe criminals !! and give people like these refugees in real need A good place . a roof and let them work and learn ..so that they can feel like a human being again.

  5. I support your hungerstrike wholeheartedly.
    However, please be aware that the Dutch government's official policy is ignoring people on hungerstrikes. Please do not too much damage to yourselves.

    More information: